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Sometimes notices are copied from newspaper to newspaper, and if a notice was republished more than 30 days from its first publication, the interpretation would be incorrect. This tutorial will introduce you to those formats, focusing on the specific information contained in each entry andwhere within the entrythat information can usually be found. Before 1811, baptismal records are the main source for information about an ancestor's birth date. - (he or she) died without offspringParish - parochia, pariochialisParish priest - parochusTestes - witnessesTown - urbeVillage - vico, pagusVidelicet - namelyWill/Testament - testamentum. Sort. These administrative records are the non-sacramental records, and they include fraternal order books, church censuses, account books, and local history documents. Hy = Henry. 8 0 obj degree of consanguinity (or affinity or any other impediment), A further example was added to say that when a dispensation was granted by virtue of their missionary faculties the priest was to insert data per me dispensatione ab impedimento given by me a dispensation from the impediment of, In the Blog on 13 Aug, you discussed a marriage register entry from 1846, being unsure of the meaning of the Latin A me Misso Apco. Meaning Abbreviated Abbreviations Common. Curates submitted annual returns of baptisms, marriages and burials to the diocese authority (Bishop's Transcripts). Religion, Baptist, Training. This example comes from St. Sylvester's Church, Kilauea, Kauai, Hawaii. 3 Responses Melanie Zumwalde says: May 5, 2022 at 4:44 pm. Posted by Lawrence Gregory in Church Records. endobj I remember a particularly tense parent-teacher conference when I was a girl, during which the teacher implied that I wasnt well-suited for the subject. Mary is a genealogist, author and editor with a strong technology background. Earlier in my blog, there is a reference for spl (sine prole legitima). You may want to purchase a Latin to English dictionary to help with translations. Great post, Steve. Latin Names. The translated baptismal record reads, "I, the undersigned, baptized Appoloniam Helaram, born 15 Ap[ril], of Jos[eph] Steinlein . Comm: Giertrud Nielsdatter and Berthe Pedersdatter from Grenn. "Latin Genealogical Terms." The following is a condensed list of terms most commonly used in Latin church records. Oxford: J. Copyright 2006- 2023 by Stephen J. Danko, How the Carnival of Genealogy Makes the World a Better Place in which to Live, Beyond Amo, Amas, Amat: Latin for Genealogists |, Administrative Structure of the Kolno Powiat, Administrative Structure of the Szczuczyn Powiat, The Immigration Passenger Manifest for the Family of Antoni Wseborowski 1903, The Hamburg Departure List Entry for the Family of Antoni Wseborowski 1903, The Birth and Baptismal Record for Jan Wszeborowski 1897, The Marriage Record for Antoni Wszeborowski and Magorzata ne Podeszwa Skowroska 1892, The Birth and Baptismal Record for Maryanna Skowroska 1835, The Birth and Baptismal Record for Anna Skowroska 1837. thepriests or scribes who wrote the documentsused Medieval Latin, not the Classical Latin usually taught in schools. absolvere - to give absolution. Churchwardens attended to see that the ceremony was performed, the name is derived from their staves of office.w.d. Last week, we covered the Church records written in Latin. Here may also be classed the abbreviated forms for the name of God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost; also for the names of the Blessed Virgin, the saints, etc. endobj Powell, Kimberly. Written for the Carnival of Eastern European Genealogy. Genealogy 101: Who Is My First Cousin Once Removed? Examples: CCLC, LC, CNC or CWC. Time, . Used in Latin descriptions of organisms, particularly plants, to indicate that a name is due to the author or authors. endobj Latin Genealogical Terms. missals, antiphonaries, Bibles; in one way or another the needs of students seem to have been the chief cause of the majority of medieval abbreviations. Latin was used in legal and church records in the past. I'm looking at Dutch Reformed Church records in Churchtown, NY. Dear Erudita74, Thank you so much! Month of June AD 1849 Day Any suggestions on what it might mean? Rici=of Richard. Most of these 1813 Catholic baptismal records include an abbreviation following the names of the parents, and before the names of godparents. I am well.". Fortunately, a growingnumber of online books and websites address these issues of Latin contractions and abbreviations. The use of conventional phrases and abbreviations continues today. John = Joannes, Jno. I know what all of it means except the last word. Were the children legitimate or illegitimate, and did some or all children die within the lifetime of a parent? endobj xpher or Xpoferus= Christopher The first two letters are not really X and p but the greek letter X (Ch) and p (r) Xp was a customary abbreviation for Christ. "Latin Genealogical Terms." The term lustruis or lustrous may have indicated salutaris which has something to do with healing. nat. A part of the monarch's title, it is found on all British and Canadian coins. 12 0 obj They do not tell us where an event took place, unless it is specifically stated. Cert is in relation to a man who is intending to . Nearly all Roman Catholic church records used Latin to some extent. In later years, I discovered that I shared my moms passion for genealogyand when I started seeing old documents with Latin phrases such Caesars Veni, Vidi, Vici (We came, We saw, We conquered), my early education studying the Latin language started paying off. Anno Dni. endobj endobj In 1752, two changes were made to the English Calendar. (2021, September 2). simply means that nobody voted against. frequency, e.g. "in a relaxed, generous (or 'ample') sense", "it is permitted to know", "one may know", "to wit", "if there is need", "if occasion require", "if necessary". The Catholic Encyclopedia also has a list of ecclesiastical abbreviationsand includes a list of Latin Acronyms and Abbreviations. The list of 1.4k Latin acronyms and abbreviations (February 2023): 50 Categories. However, the Church record shows the date as 28 Decembris 1874 (see image and url below) which I assume would be December 28, 1874 since I can see records for all of the 12 . [avi] Parochus, or "I baptised. (Renata is also Latin . I recommend reviewing the text to see if there is another possibility for these letters. absolusjon - absolution (religious) absolutio (latin) - to confess ones sins. I have come across a 16th c. English baptismal record for one of my ancestors and instead of giving the name followed by do [name] as most of the other entries, it says Mater ad bona and then there appear to be two short words following, that I cannot make out. The research information obtained in 1959 shows triplets (Mattaeus, Antonius, and Joanna) born "28.X.1874". Sancto Maria in oppido Wigan Jacobum Hall filium Georgii et Marie Hall de Staley Bridge et Annam Heaney filiam Nicolai et Judith Heaney de Wigan interrogavi, eorumque mutuo consensus habito, solemniter per verba de praesenti matrimonio conjunxi, praesentibus notis testibus Henrico Baron et Catherine Baron qui uterque habitat Wigan. 9 0 obj Extra! Home : Encyclopedia . Thanks. Missus ., it looks as though both words are abbreviations but it doesn't seem too important at this point. 20+ Church acronyms and abbreviations related to Latin: Latin. Here are some abbreviations you may find in genealogy records. Wm = William =Willus. Often used parenthetically after the monarch's name. Coad equates with Missioner Coadjutor assistant priest. Between the seventh and ninth centuries the ancient Roman system of abbreviations gave way to a more difficult one that gradually grew up in the monastic houses and in the chanceries of the new Teutonic kingdoms. At the time, Hungary was predominantly Catholic, accounting for over 60% of the country's population, and up to 90% of in parts of northwestern Hungary and Burgenland, Austria. The third line has Comp. as the lead word and usually lists only male names. Therefore January, February and most of March were the last months of the year. For instance, 7br refers to Septem or month number 7 occurring during the . There are links to materials focusing on texts in different languages including Latin. BVM = Blessed Virgin Mary. Just discovered this website, and the latin explanations. The same Latin word may be found with multiple endings, depending on the way the word is used in the sentence. Cindy Brooman says: . There are several factors that make these records difficult to read, including the facts that: In my own research, the contractions, abbreviations, titles, and postnomials have often confounded my ability to transcribe and translate the documents I encounter. Another Latin abbreviation, sometimes seen before a pastor's name. The list of Church abbreviations in Latin. Ritual performed in church in the presence of the congregation. = sine prole; without offspring. This is one of the Latin abbreviations frequently used in German documents. Finally, the FamilySearch website includes a list of Latin Genealogical Word List, providing a concise online source of the most frequently encountered Latin terms in genealogical documents. Throughout history, terms come and terms goand thankfully for most people, archaic expressions disappear. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. ThoughtCo, Sep. 2, 2021, Usually at the end of mathematical proofs. 13 0 obj The three most common old Latin terms for dates are: instant, ultimo, and proximo, which refer to the present month, last month and next month respectively. Reading Latin baptism, marriage and death records can be difficult at times. Did you see that its definition includes widower? This word means once and so gives the mother's maiden name. }w~3SVZ|1 8 The full Latin titles of all existing (Latin) dioceses may be seen in the Roman annual, "Gerarchia Cattolica", a complete list of the Latin names of all known dioceses (extant or extinct) is found in the large folio work of the Comte de Mas Latrie, "Trsor de chronologie, d'histoire et de gographie" (Paris, 1884). May also refer in parish chest materials to Smoke-penny= one of the dues once payable at Eastertime to the incumbent of a parish by his parishioners, in this case from the occupier of a house with a fireplace. Religion, Baptist, . Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Apos. Foot Shape Ancestry: What Your Toes Can Tell You, 1960s Facts: Fun, Interesting & Historical USA Trivia, Knowing Your Ancestors Professions Can Yield New Insights into Colonial Life, Researching Your Pilgrim Ancestry from Mayflower Ship Passengers, 1950s Fun Facts: Pop Culture & Historical USA Trivia. Hello, Looking at Irish Roman Catholic Baptism records, across the top of the page it says Mense Junii AD 1849 Die veis(reis?)(vus?) . The following are some of of the abbreviations which he used: M - Married, D - Died, W - Widowed, R - Moved from the parish, C- Changed his address within the parish, N - New resident, P - Poor man. How Was Queen Victoria Related to Prince Albert? Jas = James. We value your, A Genealogists Guide to Old Latin Terms & Abbreviations. The more familiar you are with translating records, the easier your job will be. A Sampler of Latin Terms, Given Names and Abbreviations Found in Sacramental Registers. Thanks for clearing up that little mystery for me. I see that you wrote me some time ago. In addition to records of the sacraments performed in the parish, administrativerecords of parish activities exist. Place names and surnames were not translated but first names were. Suggest. A. D. but more often Anno P (and a variety of letters that followed.) g8qD06*hMU+yA@4#N{fFt(F28n) ^M)2 )G,r% +~%6xm+4b7j; oj{7vy{@ Handwritten in church book, 1831. g.h.o. A very useful work for all Latin abbreviations is that of CAPELLI, Dizionario delle abbreviature latine ed italiane . Latin was once the universal academic language in Europe. A. aar (r)- year. Lets have a look at an example that I saw in the marriage register for St Marys in Wigan, Lancashire: 1846 die decimo octavo menses Maii, null legitimo impedimento detecto, ego Carolus Middlehurst Missus. <> means "page 6 and the pages that follow". Your phrase A me Misso Apco means By me, NN Apostolico Missionario. It would also be useful to contact a Polish church to verify the meaning. stream As they seem to become accepted usage in genealogy. When Christian names are written in Latin it is not always clear what the English equivalent is. 1 0 obj A part of the monarch's title. Ante Meridiem. locus domicilii cum numero domus . Even when Latin fell out of use, many Latin abbreviations continued to be used due to their precise simplicity and Latin's status as a learned language. The first was from the Julian to the Gregorian Calendar. Latin is the mother language for many modern European languages, including English, French, Spanish and Italian. S\m7n7lpX@;X/xU9zgb Kl%.BKEJro:pe^ x The abbreviation conjug- legitt-can also easily betranscribed as conjugum legitimorum, meaning lawfully married, if one has previously seen this term written out in full. I?m not really sure what the MI/ML may stand for, possibly Margaret/Mary-Elizabeth. Powell, Kimberly. 17. p.t. (abbreviation) Anonymous. Thanks. "having changed what needs to be changed", "once the necessary changes have been made", Used in many countries to acknowledge that a comparison being made requires certain obvious alterations, which are left unstated. lists Christian names; lists titles of columns in registers; . Without seeing the record, you may need to contact a South African physician. stream juvenis (abbreviation: juv.) New York: Robert Appleton Company. Wikipedia has a list of Latin abbreviations, with links to other Wikipedia pages on abbreviations, including a list of classical abbreviations and a list of ecclesiatical abbreviations. Used to indicate additions after a postscript. endobj [citation needed]. Common Latin Words Found in Genealogy Documents. Typically used when the person's dates of birth and death are unknown. Also includes a list of Latin and Hungarian terms for occupations and causes of death. CCD = Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, religious education for children not enrolled in Catholic . Quantin, Prou). Abbreviations used in apostolic rescripts, Abbreviations in general use, chiefly ecclesiastical, Abbreviations of titles of the principal religious orders and congregations of priests, Last edited on 12 November 2022, at 07:26,, This page was last edited on 12 November 2022, at 07:26. The following abbreviations are those most commonly used in genealogical records. ", "viz." All abbreviations are given with full stops, although, in most situations, these are omitted or included as a personal preference. Parish entries appear in two basic formats: tabular and paragraph. With all Latin terms, apply strategies to make sure you interpret a document correctly. Apos. A dedicated genealogist, she, You can unsubscribe at any time. This class includes also the abbreviations for the names of most sees. A prescription indication that the drug is to be administered only once. This 1807 newspaper article implies that the definition includes a man (or in the case of caelibia, a woman), in search of a wife. Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Genealogy Tip: References should be interpreted as relative, and not exact. Geo = George. Can you tell me what orse stands for? (LogOut/ The word is cond with the d either normally written or with great flourish, i.e., curly toptail on the d. Marriage Ex: Elisabeth relicta cond Gregorij Ex: Catharina virgine filia cond Stephanus, Nobility record ex: Michael, filius cond Georgii ex Tarnok. The Jewish scribes and Talmudic scholars also had frequent recourse to abbreviations. says "renata" instead of "obt" so the two records are different. Although the specific requirements for keeping parish registers have changed from time to time, the formats of baptisms,marriage and death/burial entries have stayed basically the same. Also included are lists of the months of the year, days of the week, and abbreviations. My guess is that it is: baptiz. Ive found some strange abbreviations in Latin records, too. young man legitimatus per subsequius matrimonius . G0((bMnx(g'. Have a question? nat. mean? Missus. 2 0 obj Example: "That patient needs attention, "namely", "to wit", "precisely", "that is to say". Most first names were in Latin. Latin Abbreviations 4. It Is Well with My Soul: the Story of Horatio Spafford, Signers of the Declaration of Independence & Their Scions (part 1). vel Miss. Eventually such productive centres of technical manuscripts as the Papal Chancery, the theological schools of Paris and Oxford, and the civil-law school of Bologna set the standards of abbreviations for all Europe. Fortunately, a growing number of online books and websites address these issues of Latin contractions and abbreviations. The second line begins with Comm. as the lead word and lists female name (i.e., a mans wife named ____). The last piece of the puzzle is the names. However, with some exceptions (for example, versus or modus operandi), most of the Latin referent words and phrases are perceived as foreign to English. This is incredibly helpful to me! And now search early newspapers for the term. Sort. Introduces an example (as opposed to an explanation): "The shipping company instituted a surcharge on any items weighing over a ton; Followed by the dates during which the person, usually famous, was active and productive in his/her profession. Thus there may have been abstentions from the vote. Comp: Eric Thomsen fromTierstrup, Eric Rasmussen, etc. 3 0 obj (pudica virgine) Maria Eva Gade Joes Georgii Gade Scabini et hospitis ad ursum et Barbarae ejus uxorii legitimus. The birth date was assumed to be October(10th month), 28, 1874. the priest could not be moved without his approval. in Matrimonio conjunxi Joannem Woodward (talis loco) filium Georgio Woodward et Annam Sharples (talis loco) filiam Edwardi Sharples. fuit suggests a past tense = has been erat = was est = is. In "Xmas" the second letter has been dropped. Change). Slightly odd wording but it is clear what is being said. The medieval writer inherited a few from Christian antiquity; others he invented or adapted, in order to save time and parchment. Among other people, or among other legal entities. sep.= sepuliebatur or sepultus(-a) erat; was buried, par.=parochie; of the parish ofq. As a result, always verify death dates with official documents and even tombstones. More articles about old terms found in historical newspapers: Found in History & Antiquities of Leicestershire by Nichols. In an old Danish parish record book (1750s), the abbreviations Comm. and Comp. are used consistently in the baptism entries. I will truly appreciate your help. after the wives given names are a variety of combinations of letters that I assume are abbreviations: uxj; uxe j; ux. In the 1860 census for Randolph County, Alabama, my ancestor Joseph Currie is listed as Framer, JTC (according to ? From the 18th century, authors started using their mother tongues to write books, papers or proceedings. On these documents from an Italian church, the last names were in their original Italian. Latin abbreviations commonly seen in documents of the Catholic Church, the full Latin words or phrases, and their English meaning . Sort. Try to scan similar entries to see if this speculation makes sense. Learn how your comment data is processed. Legal documentation may include abbreviations regarding the status of a decedent. I am pretty new to trying to read and translate Latin (I did have 4 years of high school Latin, but that was 50 years ago) image 79 right side 1st entry. Suggest. There are other, similar entries nearby. Sancto Maria in oppido WiganI Charles Middlehurst ? See if there is a corresponding or follow-up document to verify information (such as in a probate file). It means without legitimate issue. The LDS Church as filmed about 33% of the Irish Catholic sacramental registers, and these are accessible in the Family History Library in Salt Lake City or at an LDS Family History Center near your home. Hi, I studied medieval Irish history at Trinity College, Dublin but this one stumps me. The second part is a typical abbreviaton for natus, indicating that the birth was in Denby. Need help deciphering church record abbreviations. If you search the Latin word list at, youll notice that Latin even has specific words to specify if someone was a 2nd great grandparent. Short intro followed by lists of abbreviations for Latin terms found in church records. (honestus adolescens) Nicolaus Jochim D. (defunta) Friderici Adami Jochim praetoris hujatis et Annae Barbarae secunda ejus uxorii defuncta legitimus cum P.V. The ecclesiastical words most commonly abbreviated at all times are proper names, titles (official or customary), of persons or corporations, and words of frequent occurrence.A list of those used in Roman Republican and early Imperial times may be seen in James Chidester Egbert, Jr.'s Latin Inscriptions (New York City, 1896), 417-459. As the new system is readily found in use prior to the formal introduction, great care should be taken when transcribing documents of the pre-1752 period between 1 January and 24 March. I know he was a probate judge, but am not sure if the abbreviation means that or not. Dates may be given in Roman numerals. It is not to be confused with the similar, Used as a placeholder for unknown names in, i.a., the. In some churches, children were baptized the . The programs of PAF (by the LDS), ancestors (Evertons), Family tree, Legacy 7.5 are the standard's of Genealogical data entry - their abbreviations are the . Did a person have heirs? After the deceaseds name is post-pdf. Any idea what this means? It is possible that these abbreviations may refer to the names of the parents. I read this as 10 Jan H.A. I go to my abbreviation finder website, . con." They were once very numerous, and lists of them may be seen in the works quoted below (e.g. Example: "These results agree with the ones published by Pelon, "and the others", "and other things", "and the rest", Other archaic abbreviations include "&c.", "&/c. 5 Million More Newspaper Articles Recently Added! counting years . Also abbreviations used on census records - since they are generally and most generally used or copied over itnto a genealogy database. This death occurred 2 mo postpartum in a 37-year-old woman. The meaning is distinct from "unanimously"; "nem. legitimate levante . In some countries registers of Protestant churches, such as Lutherans and Anglicans, were also maintained in Latin. In "Xmas" the second letter has been dropped.Jas = James Roman. Just after the frontispiece, there were instructions on how to complete the entries, with the printed text in normal print and the priests entries in italics , Anno 1885 die 13 mensis Maii, Ego N.N. These websites contain text samples and other source materials. Medieval manuscripts abound in abbreviations, owing in part to the abandonment of the uncial, or quasi-uncial, and the almost universal use of the cursive, hand. legitimized through subsequent marriage . My family was doing research in a cemetery and found a grave stone with a cross. Read the entire document or article to see if a phrase was reiterated in English. Since the keeping of records as part of the civil registration systems did not start until the 19th century, parish records constitute an invaluable source of information about individuals. It is most often used in, Used in historical research where spellings of names varied, such as genealogy tables and ancestry charts, for example when MacDonald, Macdonald, and McDonald are used by different members of the same family, or even by the same person at different times (before spellings were standardized). 7 0 obj Without seeing the original or knowing the time period, I can not give you a definitive answer. for sine prole which indicates that someone died without issue. Information leaflet providing translation from Latin to English pertaining to church registers. used as example, "Name, o.c., date, volume, page" - I can only guess it means obtained conversion, but would like to know for sure. 5 0 obj i, ii, iii, iv, v, vi, vii, viii, ix, x = 1 to 10xx, xxx = 20 & 30i or j = primo; on the first, dom.=dominus (-a); lord or sir (lady or dame), fil.pop= filius(-a) populi or filius (a) vulgi; bastard son or daughter of a harlot, in com.=in comitatu; in the county (of)libre = book, ob. The following titles link to fuller bibliographic information in the Library of Congress Online Catalog. The ecclesiastical words most commonly abbreviated at all times are proper names, titles (official or customary), of persons or corporations, and words of frequent occurrence. endobj Pingback: Beyond Amo, Amas, Amat: Latin for Genealogists | (LogOut/ The first class of abbreviations includes those used in the composition of Pontifical documents. In column 4 this priest put a . The three most common old Latin terms for dates are: instant, ultimo, and proximo, which refer to the present month, last month and next month respectively. ^s4b~/$TlepxR %)WGQ\O([G/cJ3[*(TJ*e%+Z|3UU| \u=)UM";C 4s=Q`DY=jbISqt5|1H9 Crt{XeX(1E($8I5bN[.,[! This is SO helpful! Rutter, Sampson, Swinerd, Head, Redman in Kent.

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