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I am actually traveling with my mother and other members of the family this weekend and showed her this in church to get a laugh. Any suggestions as to what you would truly and realistically appreciate being presented? Since my mom has unacknowledged mental health issues, this is my oldest sister and a lady in L.A. who I still keep in contact with. We do need to have some kind of an ideal, even if we may not measure up to it occasionally, or even ever! This has been a great reminder to be sensitive to all in the congregation with the Holy Ghost as a guide. Mothers Day for me is when my children and Grandchildren call me. We are an outlandishly weird, mixed up bunch of folk. LDS Hymn Arrangements. Great, and I was just asked to talk on Sunday, I guess I will be very careful. Gospel Q&A: Can Satan Hear Our Prayers? This ordinance is an essential part of worship and spiritual development. It is also a reminder that through His mercy and grace, all people will be resurrected and given the opportunity for eternal life with God. His topic? Ive taken as the Ward Music Chair person and conductor to pick hymns and have a couple special musical numbers, but does anyone have any ideas for a small token we could pass out to the men? Well at least I know what not to talk about. How did your Mother's Day Sacrament meeting turnout, Rockpond? At my ward the angel mothers were to aspire to. Mormon women are harder on themselves than any other group of ladies I have associated with. Ill be hiding in the clerks office. We like to celebrate mothers in the Church and we like to ignore fatherhood. Most of us brought up to beleive that the man of the home was were it was at. It spoke to the special importance of mothers to their children, but also made clear that as with other mistakes, the effects of mothers failings can absolutely be healed by the Atonement. Ohand did you say you had an extra ticket??? I have some ideas of speaker topics but I thought I would start a thread for suggestions of topics, scriptures, conference talks, etc that would help make a great Sacrament Meeting that . I dont go to be honored or get a gift. MD is a day I prefer to play hookey, especially now that my mother is currently lost in alzheimers disease. What would happen, if, at the start of sacrament meeting on Mothers Day, the bishop announced that there would be two separate meetings. Weve had sermons based on bumper stickers, Willy Wonka, the Grinch, and quite possibly Chicken Soup for the Soul, etc. I wish that EVERY ward had a FD talk on what unrighteousness dominion is, and why it should be the job of every priesthood holder and father to raise sons who understand it and daughters who wont stand for it. The sacrament provides an opportunity for Church members to ponder and remember with gratitude the life, ministry, and Atonement of the Son of God. Women focused or mainly about Christ too. . Alma 56:47-48. But I see where you are coming from. When chocolate is handed out, our children end up begging for it but its the one day I wont share. Now we have a tradition that during the last ten minutes of priesthood meeting, they gather all the classes from deacons to high priests together in the multi-purpose room and present them with Fat Boy ice cream sandwiches. This has been a big concern for me, as there are many women in the ward who are very sensitive to the Perfect Mother talks, and I didnt want to heap on to their burdens. It would be much easier for me to hear mothers day talks if they were real instead of ideal, though Id prefer a good sermon on Christ, instead. I am on the Speakers Bureau for the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN) and we would welcome the donations too. A small gift for Mothers Day is fine, but if you give chocolate to a diabetic or a piece of pie to someone with gluten intolerance, what have you given? Tracy M posted an amazing video that deals with the general concept of this post in a really insightful way. The kids sang the first verse and the adults the second. I must let my voice be heard, You can guess how well that went over. Id like to see the swords beaten into plow shares this mothers day And for once ( just once) the SAHM vs working mom verbal cat claws retracted. Seriously, it would be nice to have some idea. God still loves her, and her life still had value and meaningTHE END!! So He can be ideal AND real. The rest of us mortals should stick with real.. I wont be attending this Sunday either, but as always will honor my own mother by being the best mother I can be to my hurting children. Another angle in this specific holidayhas been brewing for a while. We've gathered five inspiring gifts for Latter-day Saint women to help them feel cherished and celebrated. Speechless. We speak about it nearly every Sunday. I personally am skeptical of ever looking to people for ideals. Some years it gets a nod, other years the talks are unrelated. It demands that the single day of the year that Mother's are celebrated to a holiday that is solely for adult females and no one else. You then leap to classifying it a family celebration rather than a national holiday. According to our teachings, Jesus the Messiah wasnt just sinless, He was God. Daughters of God I didnt enjoy Mothers Day during my years of infertility, but Ive been surprised that I enjoy it even less now that I have children. It seems like every time theres a church scandaland especially one that concerns moneypeople start arguing that the scandal-ridden church (or even churches in general) should lose their tax exemptions. Ive decided to see if I can discern consistent reasons why the good ones are good and the bad ones are terrible. May the blessings of heaven rest upon you. Our HC speaker will be talking about forgiveness this Sunday at the special request of our Leadership. I love this. It is not a bad thing and it might be the one day that young mothers will remember and enjoy the most. more guilt and more controversy.). I just spent two hours reading all the comments, viewing the video mentioned in #90, and taking notes. So no one is left out. And Im batting clean up. I also choose to focus on the women in the scriptures like #30 has mentioned. My worst MD talk came in the Fast and Testimony meeting the week before in which my father, who was visiting since he no longer lived in our ward, decided to give some incredibly intimate details about his divorce and why he blamed it on several of his children, but not others. Im finding actual motherhood so exhausting that I just cant bear to hear about angel mothers right now. The reminder was given to visit those sisters unable to attend on Mothers Day. Great post, Mark! Women have mothers too! I gave a MD talk one year and focused on Emma Smith, Naomi the MIL of Ruth and my daughter who was a young mother at the time. Avoid speaking of angel mothers. Sabbath Day Scriptures Scripture References Doctrine and Covenants 59:9-12 Scripture Study Resources Topical Guide, "Assembly for Worship" Be patient with her imperfections, for she has them. This talk was named after a phrase from Victor Hugo who gave all her food to her children, not because she is not hungry, but because she is a mother. Elder Holland talks about the central role motherhood plays in the gospel of Jesus Christ and gives many principles of comfort and courage for mothers who may be struggling. Like many others, my wife and her mother have both always struggled with hearing sacrament meeting talks on Mothers Day. Elder Ballard lists three ways mothers can do that; first, is realizing joy comes in moments, second is to not overschedule children, and third, to find time to cultivate talents and interests.. So for over a decade, Ive loved Mothers Day, just because I know it wont end with all of us crying. If you personally need one, thats fine, but not everyone needs a model for something that is experienced differently by everyone. " Cogito! After a lot of thought and prayer I called two sisters to speak on some of the blessings and also the challenges of raising children in the gospel. With a purpose firm and willing, It appears that this phenomenon is growing and becoming even more common everywhere in the US church. Ive been jinxed. He emphasized there is no one perfect way to be a mother and that every situation is different. Honest! Isnt it reasonable to think that Abe is trying a little too hard, and might be overcompensating for something? I would say that my grandmother was like a second mother to us, but really she was like a first mother. Book of Mormon Scriptures on Mothers. I have suggested the donate-money-to-the-shelter thing for about four years now; it gets a blank stare, followed by a startled, oh! To find a ward near you, try the Meetinghouse Locator, which will also provide sacrament meeting times, driving directions, and contact information. THAT is what non-denominational Christian churches do :). I have been avoiding the mother's day sacrament meeting for the last couple of years. We can all sound harsh at times, but this seems to be a community of sorts and following through on the different dicussions helps put context to opinions expressed. I actually feel it is not so dissimilar on fathers day, particularly since the disparity between them can demean men. I do look forward to handing the kids over to my husband for the day, but Ill take a pass on sacrament meeting. My own father would probably appreciate a plant, but fortunately he enjoys cookies too. I too have wrestled with the infertility monster and MD was always a nightmare. With that in mind, there are great ideas in this discussion thread of ways to do exactly that. Crowd-sourcing request. Something else for me to kill.. Ere the sun goes down: This change wasnt well-received as it occurred without any advance notice. Now, I detest it. This is what I need for . Please add to the possibility of what LDS women are dealing with: they didnt have the best mothers themselves, they are the adoptive parents of mothers who, for whatever reason couldnt be a mothers, (adoptees and foster children or adults that have been in foster care could be particularly vulnerable as well); they work outside the home and love it, they work outside the home and hate it, they cant stand being mothers, the list could go on and on. Every year someone has to pick up the flowers for my ward. That said, I cant say I recall ever hearing a bad Mothers Day talk. I haven't a clue about how to interact at times. In honor of Earth Day, you could throw in the topic of Mother Nature also! On the night before His Crucifixion, Jesus Christ met with His Apostles and instituted the sacrament (see Luke 22:1920). I dont remember all 18 things, but two of them stuck with me, even 15 years later. It might be that it was a holiday originally conceived by the US Socialist Party and propagated by the Soviets. Wow! My best friend (unmarried, childless at 51) has been asked to speak. Sometime in the mid-1990s, I went to the ward library after sacrament meeting to obtain materials for teaching a lesson. It very gently re-addressed several of the points that were flying in the newspapers and throughout the church in the Mothers Who Know backlash. Christian churchs teach that you are inherently bad, that it is not entirely your fault and that Christ has already saved you and after He gets around to telling you (if He hasnt already) that you forgiven and are His, you will do nonspecific good things he directs because you will naturally want to do them. I thought my husband (Sonny) had already posted this, but maybe not, or Im just blinder than usual. It was given by one of my high school friends. Seriously, no one is going to be pleased. Most detested thing, 3rd hour chatting and eating. I mean big ol gnarly wretch. Partaking of the sacrament is a witness to God that the remembrance of His Son will extend beyond the short time of that sacred ordinance. We once had a bishop hand out frozen TV dinners! Motherhood as a path to choose to be a better disciple of Christ by caring for those Christ lives.feed my sheep, etc. Watching the Primary children singing to their mothers in Sacrament meeting was the hardest. It can be any of those. Topical Guide, Assembly for Worship, Index to the Triple Combination, Assemble, Meetings in the Church, Handbook 2, 18, Speaking in Sacrament Meeting?, Is Sacrament Meeting a Top-of-the-Mountain Experience for You? blog, Frequently Asked Questions, Music Callings, Appropriate Music for Church Meetings, Music Callings, Worship with Us,, The Longest Sacrament Meeting, Ensign, September 2013, Idea List: Getting the Most Out of Sacrament Meeting, New Era, June 2007, Church Leaders Call for Better Observance of Sabbath Day, Church News, Learn Steps for Giving Better Sacrament Meeting Talks, Church News, First Presidency Letter: Testimonies in Fast and Testimony Meeting, Church News, Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph Fielding Smith, chapter 6, Speaking in Sacrament Meeting, Media Library, Bearing Testimony in Sacrament Meeting, Media Library, The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square App Icon, Teachings of Presidents: Joseph Fielding Smith Manual, 2014, Index to the Triple Combination, Assemble, Is Sacrament Meeting a Top-of-the-Mountain Experience for You?, Appropriate Music for Church Meetings,, Idea List: Getting the Most Out of Sacrament Meeting,, Church Leaders Call for Better Observance of Sabbath Day,, Learn Steps for Giving Better Sacrament Meeting Talks,, First Presidency Letter: Testimonies in Fast and Testimony Meeting,. It would just be nice to complete our idealism with a good dose of reality. Thats the last thing a mother needs, responsibility for yet another living thing. lol! What do you think should be handed out for Mothers Day? It is a simple answer, and it is trueThe most important thing a father can do for his [daughter] is to love [her] mother.'. But these are good points. It hasnt yet. As for me, I will be sitting this Mothers day out. The reminder was given to visit those sisters unable to attend on Mother's Day. Is this really the Mothers Day message I need? So, I am assigned to give a talk next week. In this case it will likely be mothers, and the Primary kids will sing, too. By Ive endured (and thats the right word) too many Mothers Days that were awful, meaningless, and unrealistic. by Leading Saints | Apr 27, 2016 | Articles, Bishops, Elders Quorum, Relief Society | 21 comments, In 2016 Leading Saints conducted a survey about ward mothers day gifts. I was reading about the origins of Mothers Day. Im against handing out plants on Mothers Day. Somehow those who are not mothers are incapable of celebrating motherhood and thus it is painful for them and thus no one should celebrate motherhood as a church. "The ordinance of the sacrament," taught then Elder Dallin H. Oaks in 2008, "makes the sacrament meeting the most sacred and important meeting in the Church." 21 Accordingly, in 2015, Church leaders called for a renewed emphasis on Sabbath worship centered on partaking of the sacrament of the Lord's Supper. I would love to avoid Mothers Day meetings, just because they are usually tedious, but I love to go for the sake of seeing my kids sing. Why shouldn't women be those who teach about the glory of god that is woman? I dont think sacrament meeting is such an inappropriate place to do that, either. Diversity and Unity in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Environmental Stewardship and Conservation, Joseph Smiths Teachings about Priesthood, Temple, and Women, Peace and Violence among 19th-Century Latter-day Saints, The Manifesto and the End of Plural Marriage, Translation and Historicity of the Book of Abraham. Have a variety of ages speak on ideas or what they've done to help their mothers and ways they've stayed close to their mothers. Especially since whoever asked him to speak didnt learn their lesson and he said the exact same talk a year later. He invites mothers to count the debits and credits in your role as a mother. President Hinckley then goes through a number of important gospel teachings mothers should focus on. The first one we did was a modified version of "Teacher Do You Love Me". Less than nothing because the message of such a gift is that the person is not important. 3rd hour had all of the PRI & YW leaders including the YW themselves in RS with homemade lemon cakes from the teacher. I think its terribly sad that growing up Mormon, I never heard anyone make any serious attempt to talk about Heavenly Mother on Mothers Day. Mothers, we acknowledge and esteem your faith in every footstep. Then she spoke with conviction about the grace of Godthe grace that helped her forgive herself for the serious problems she caused her children that could have been prevented if shed prepared herself, and the grace that helped her achieve later in life the spiritual depth she had lacked when her children were young. You dont come, you dont get one. I think this can be especially true for women who feel theyre just holding on. It appears that we have adopted the perverted sense of inclusion to such a degree that we cannot mention our gratitude for our mothers and motherhood without "hurting" or "marginalizing" those who are not mothers. I accidently hit the quote button and so nothing is guys can fill in the blank.. My wife and I will be on an Alaska Cruise. I think Emma and Naomi are very neglected women in our teachings (understatement considering the general neglect). Even now, 4 years after her passing, I miss her. Mrs. Gui, All the little Guis and their little Guis, the violin, photography, Prokofiev, Mahler, Terry Pratchett, Patrick OBrian, Umberto Eco, sci-fi and fantasy, Brigham Young, playing Bluegrass with real Kentuckians. Actually, Ive never heard anything about Heavenly Mother beyond, Isnt it so wonderful that we believe in a Heavenly Mother?!. Have a young child, a teenager, husband and elderly father take you through the different phases of motherhood in their own point of view. Although with good intentions, speakers usually put mothers and motherhood on a pedestal ("Mothers are loving and caring and naturally nurturing", "A mother's love is the closest thing to Christlike love on earth", "No mother is perfect, except my mom, who is literally an . And I did use some of the suggestions here. I have not attending other churches that have mothers day services aimed at mothers. Or the best of both worldssend all women to RS and have the chocolate there so you get the women to walk through the door instead of to their cars, and so the kids arent begging for it? Last year, I did an arrangement of "I Often Go Walking" for the Primary children and our ward choir to perform together. to hear my little kids sing and for my older kids to pass out a flower. Gospel Q&A: My Children Have Left the Church & I Worry for Their Souls. And chocolate. I have no aversion to motherhood being spoken of in church. Feelings of guilt, shame, loneliness, anger, disappointment, abandonment, and not measuring up to impossible expectations are prevalent. I loved it! The worst talk I ever heard came from a woman who described how her mother used to sit by her during piano lessons. Let's apply your logic standard to other holidays. Which also makes me wonder about why we Americans dont recognize International Womens Day. Last year we did two songs for the Mother's Day sacrament meeting, and they turned out beautifully, so I thought I would share them with you. But I love my mother, and I miss her, so Im hopeful that the experience will be a good one. Yet, we have a tendency to go to extremes, particularly culturally, forgetting that we are worshiping God, and that we are not God nor expected to be God in this, our mortal state. 41 Fear not, little children, for you are mine, and I have overcome the world, and you are of them that my Father hath given me; 42 And none of them that my Father hath given me shall be lost.. Based on the comments it seems to be prevalent everywhere in the US church. I was initially surprised he went that way, but I have to say although Ive occasionally heard people say they wish something were did, I heard many complaints every previous year that something was done about what that something was. In return, the Lord renews the promised remission of sin and enables Church members to always have his Spirit to be with them (Doctrine and Covenants 20:77). They can eat whatever they want, in fact. She worked during the day and took classes at night, and created a home for her children where they knew love. If I would obtain the blessing, It isn't uncommon for LDS women to be dealing with some combination of the following factors: a difficult marriage, no marriage, no children, difficult children, health problems, loss of faith. I just pray that the spirit can convey the message that seems so exciting in my heart. I am infertile, though I now have three children through adoption. Young Latter-day Saint priesthood . Yea like all of you My Mother sucked too. The first speaker was my favorite. Some of the stories were simple acts of kindness and some were extraordinary examples of love and sacrifice. Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in. I have heard good talks and bad talks, and really dislike the sacralizing of the universal and perfectly average activity of mothering. Nuts. But I was not a mother, in spite of my tears and pleadings with the Lord. Im amazed that we arent using the most recent conference materials . Measure your words with that assumption in mind. Needless to say he was not asked to speak in sacrament meeting for a long, long time. If my kids are with me on MD I go, but FD is just too painful. This is a tradition of man, and sometimes it is just a bad idea. Aleah Ingram May 3, 2021 Entertainment. Im asking this out of genuine curiosity/responsibility for handing stuff out. It was an emotional rollercoaster of raised hopes and disappointments. This morning I decided to Google search Mothers Day LDS talks and came upon this article. Thank you. Father's Day Talk in Sacrament Meeting June 21, 2009. I have an aversion to bringing my family's celebration intochurch and causing other women pain. On this site you will find a variety of arrangements for ward choirs, solo piano, vocal duets and more. Can anyone say overdone? Latter Day Arrangements is a sheet music resource for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and other Christians. Food is the communication tool of choice for Latter Day Saints. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Your email address will not be published. He did not have any high-profile ward or stake calling at the time, not that it matters. Your comment was excellent, especially this part: Jesus the Messiah wasnt just sinless, He was God. I agree Ray. Im sort of hoping that the person before me goes too long and I have to wrap up with my testimony. Just asking. Which meeting do you think would be more meaningful to the participants? Primary kids singing, oh, 12 songs, and then someone real standing up and talking about the incredible power of hope, even when we feel that we dont measure up, and the wonder of the atonement and Gods love for us. Snickers. My mother died just a little less than a year ago, and I find that I never appreciated Mothers Day at all until now that my mother is gone. I dont see why having a Tiger Mom would be necessarily any more or less traumatizing than having a Don Draper Mom. I already have felt many of the concerns expressed, and approach this assignment with fear and trembling. Classic! Ere the sun goes down. Actually now that I do have children, the primary song Im so glad when Daddy comes home has taken on a new meaning for me. Thanks! THE major Mothers Day talk in Sacrament Meeting in our ward this week, I have forwarded all of this discussion on to him! Think about your message and how it will sound to the entire spectrum of your sisters in the ward. first adult speaker: Motherhood is like a roller coaster: there are lots of ups and downs, and sometimes you just have to close your eyes and scream., second adult speaker, quoting a Native American proverb: The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears., benediction, by a former Bishop: Heavenly Father, we speak with thee every day, and we look forward to the day when we can renew our relationship with Heavenly Mother.. Serious question for everyone, just out of true curiosity: How many of these horror stories happened in the last five years? You might drift over to what has been considered the rebuttal of Mothers Who Know given at the next conference session by Elder Ballard. I have work enough to do, My own dear mother, long since gone to her reward, summed up the essence of the perfect Mothers Day talk quite nicely. I believe he has mellowed and gained wisdom over the years and was a part of a later bishopric. Uchtdorf. On Sunday Morning my sister and I drove almost 2 hours each way to go visit my maternal grandmothers grave. I have been called by God to be there and that is where I should be. I wonder if this phenomenon is uniquely Mormon.

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